Gregory Kinda plays Mozart, Beethoven, Bach & Liszt
Awesome Piano Classics Vol. 1
This is Gregory Kinda’s first CD as an important new artist on the world classical music scene, and the first Leatham music release of classical masterworks to be recorded on the Australia designed and built Stuart & Sons piano.
Recorded in the elegant acoustic space of St Matthew’s in Albury, Australia, Kinda takes full advantage of the increased dynamic range and broader tonal palette of this remarkable instrument to bring a new dimension to music of the Classical and Romantic repertoire.
From the delicate clarity of Mozart to a tumultuous performance of Beethoven’s great Waldstein and finally to a breathtaking account of Liszt’s titanic B minor Sonata, Kinda’s version for the future of the classical piano sound is fully realized.
At 2.9m (9’ 6”) in length this 97 key Stuart & Sons piano is capable of stupendous volume shifts whenever required, moving instantly from a colossal fortissimo down to the most gentle pianissimo.  Its undamped upper harmonics are revealed in the clarity of every note, no matter how complex and furious the music becomes, and in the precise clear tone of quiet passages.
We have not applied any compression or equalisation to this recording.  Experience a front row performance as the Liszt sonata in particular takes you on a pianistic journey through more tone colours and mood changes than have ever been before possible on traditional grand pianos.
W. A. Mozart Sonata No. 10 in C major, K. 330
01: 1st movement
02: 2nd movement
03: 3rd movement
Beethoven Sonata No. 21 in C major, Op. 53 – Waldstein
04: 1st Movement
05: 2rd Movement
05: 3rd Movement
J.S. Bach (arr. Siloti)
06: Prelude in B minor
F. Liszt
07: Sonata in B minor, S.178




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