"Imagine this, a world class piano, a world class player and a world class voice. It's just a match made in heaven. Singer Steve Clisby and pianist Bill Risby playing an Australian made Stuart & Sons handcrafted grand piano have formed a unique musical association that is dazzling. The playing sparkles from the first note, the voice is resonant and soars. Golden Ring is a mix of jazz, gospel and soul. Clisby is a superb writer, the title track co-written with J Skeete is beautifully crafted-heartfelt vocals and a virtuoso accompaniment. The whole CD is classy, mixed by Helik Hadar who produced Herbie Hancock's latest album. this is one of the best albums of 2009 without any doubt."


The Steve Clisby story is largely unsung, but his are the classic hallmarks of a life lived in music and the stuff that dreams and careers are made of. The California native played the piano and saxophone from age seven and studied singing throughout high school. In the 70s, he and his fellow 17 colleagues took the Hendrix trail to Europe – and there they stayed. Based in Barcelona for a year, playing every stage in Spain, the group, American Gypsy, eventually made Holland their base and a two decade career ensued.

A record deal and release of the eponymous ‘American Gypsy’ resulted in a string of hits, numerous television appearances and a cemented position as the African American soul voice in Europe. They toured alongside Chaka Khan, Hot Chocolate, Kool and the Gang, Crusaders, Mothers Finest, Level 42, Santana and Frank Zappa, and Taj Mahal.

He collaborated with award winning producer/writer, Narada Michael Walden (Madonna, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey) and Errol Brown (Hot Chocolate). Groove Armada re-recorded ‘Inside Out’ as ‘Whatever Whenever’ and Neneh Cherry recorded ‘Golden Ring’ on her album ‘Man’.

His first three local albums are recorded live and indicative of the artist – one where the power and beauty lie in his live performances. His most recent recording, ‘Golden Ring’ in 2009 represents for him a watershed moment and a journey that has reached a full circle. It is the classic musician’s tale – from fame to humility, from gratification to the search for redemption.

Experience the blood, sweat and tears of an artist’s journey soulfully and beautifully rendered. Where lifting the soul is the aim and the game is pure entertainment.




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