Artur Cimirro


In this historic recording, Artur Cimirro and Wayne Stuart focused on an unexpected direction for the classical music world. The decision to not edit the recorded material in an era where standardisation and perfection are the expected norm, is a courageous step towards a more honest and realistic performance. This approach provides a glimpse of the capacity of the musical instrument and performer in real time.

Wayne Stuart set out to explore new possibilities for the acoustic piano in the 21st century. He not only extended the frequency range to the practical limits in his 102 key models but also the expressive capacity beyond that found in the standard instrument inherited from the 19th century. By incorporating a 4th pedal the player is able to influence the dynamic and textural range in the vertical dimension. This facilitates the potential to modify action velocity and the number of strings struck by depressing the left pedals either individually or simultaneously. The player is then able to explore dynamic and textural effects hitherto unimaginable.

Artur Cimirro, pianist and composer, reignites the almost forgotten image of the nineteenth century composer/virtuoso, where, through a deep knowledge of history and the arts, expresses his works with a solid historical understanding combined with a clear vision for the future.

In his compositions, Cimirro explores a variety of techniques to express his musical intelligence with intensity, wit and quirky humor.

For this recording, in addition to his Lisztian-like paraphrases, Cimirro prepared two new compositions to explore the potential of the extended 102 key frequency range as well as the enhanced dynamic and textural possibilities of these new generation pianos.

This is a record of the historic meeting of two minds who, though separated by more than ten thousand kilometres, work with dedication and vigour to explore the limits of acoustic piano sound.

CD includes

01  Nocturne Op.II  (5.37) 

02  Paraphrase on Sheherazade Op.7 No.1   (10.54)

03-05  Eccentric Preludes Op.8  (3.36)

06  Variations in Study Form on Dies Irae Op.4  (10.07)

07-08  Eccentric Preludes Op.13  (5.38)

09  Paraphrase on Czardas Op.7 No.5  (4.02)

10 Heinrich Schutz - Psalm 121 (Transcription by Artur Cimirro)  (3.04)

11 Reminiscences of Carmina Burana Op.2 (10.42)


DVD includes

07-08 Eccentric Preludes Op.13

10 Heinrich Schutz - Psalm 121 (Transcription by Artur Cimirro)

11 Reminiscences of Carmina Burana Op.2


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