A New Voice
Demonstration CD

Recorded using the 97 key Stuart pianos

The true sound of the Stuart & Sons piano UNPROCESSED

This demonstration disc was created to provide the closest possible alternative to hearing the Stuart & Sons piano live.  The recordings were made in the White Room, which is the Stuart & Sons showroom at the factory, using an industry standard recording platform and traditional microphones.

The recordings are presented raw, with no added effects, reverb or processing.  The content and genre were chosen to demonstrate the piano’s expanded sound palette and versatility. The emphasis on using original compositions is aimed at minimalising listening prejudice.

Track 1. (2.9m Concert Grand)
Composer/Performer: Bill Risby. 3.02
This track explores the overall clarity of the piano. The piece is played gently yet the effect is powerful and lush. Listen for the sustain in the bass notes and the transparency in the melody and chordal structure. Use of the additional soft pedal is evident in the shifting intensity and texture throughout the track.

Track 2. (2.9m Concert Grand)
Composer/Performer: Michael Szumowski. 3.30
This track is built on the harmonics and sustain that naturally occur in the Stuart & Sons piano. Listen for the purity and length of the sustain as it combines seamlessly with the rich bass and clear treble. Use of the two soft pedals brings great sensitivity to this piece.

Track 3. (2.2m Studio Grand)
Composer/Performer: Yen Wynddancer. 3.46
This piece demonstrates the brilliance of the treble and extended keyboard with much of the melody moving into a register not available on most pianos. The effect produces the emotional power you would expect from a concert grand with the sensitivity of a tiny music box.

Track 4. (2.9m Concert Grand)
Composer/Performer: Bill Risby. 5.29
This piece explores the piano’s ability to reveal specific feelings and emotions. By utilising its vast palette of textures and colours the composer has painted a simple yet powerful soundscape that sets up an uneasy tension. Listen for the dramatic mood change right at the end.

Track 5. (2.9m Concert Grand)
Composer/Performer: Bill Risby. 4.06
A lush, romantic, easy listening experience. The melody voice is strong and sings with a clear quality. Subtle use of the bottom end and the final climb to the very top of the extended keyboard further illustrate the piano’s unique ability to transport a performer and listener into previously unexplored territory.

Track 6. (2.9m Concert Grand)
Composer/performer: Bill Risby. 8.26
The journey begins with a sparse gentle melody and builds through a multilayered soundscape that reveals the balance of the piano’s response over the entire keyboard. The layering throughout is clear and cohesive with no blurring of individual parts.

Track 7. (2.2m Studio Grand)
Composer/Performer: Brendan St Ledger. 4.26
This was the pianist’s first experience with a Stuart & Sons piano.
After a short introduction, taking advantage of the creative opportunities presented became second nature and immediately apparent in the hands of this seasoned player.

Track 8. (2.2m Studio Grand)
Composer/Performer: Steve Clisby. 2.16
Here the composer takes advantage of the brightness, bottom end and sustain to create an unusual, late night smoky feel. By controlling the texture of the underlying chordal structure and the colour of the melody voice, he has produced the thick, rich sound associated with this style of music without sacrificing clarity.

Track 9 -13. (2.9m Concert Grand)
Performer: Sean Hennessy-Brose
A selection of Bach’s keyboard music has been chosen here to illustrate the piano’s chameleon like ability to create many different tonal shades through a series of similar pieces. The vibrance, clarity and nuances exhibited are the result of an excellent performer exploring the possibilities.

Track 9. 2.48
Listen to the sustain of the pedal octave in the bass under the extended melodic line at the beginning of this track. The expressive nature of this piece is beautifully realised with the assistance of the ‘dolce’ and ‘una corda’ pedals and also by the inherent responsiveness and subtlety of the instrument.

Track 10. 1.32
Listen to the vitality of the sound and the clarity of the voices in the contrapuntal writing and the spatial changes as the performer engages the ‘dolce’ and ‘una corda’ pedals throughout the track.

Track 11. 1.15
An excellent demonstration of the speed and sensitivity of the piano’s keyboard response.

Track 12 & 13. 00.54 & 00.57
The contrapuntal texture never becomes muddied, each voice singing clearly and expressively.

Track 14. (2.2m Studio Grand)
Composer/Performer: Steve Clisby. 00.12
A simple Jazz sting to end the session.

Engineered by Spencer Lee  and produced by Greg Devine.
©2007. All rights reserved.  This CD is for demonstration purposes only and is not for sale or any other use.  Copyright in this recording and where appropriate, the musical works remains the property of the relevant performer and is under licence to Piano Australia Pty Limited for use in this demonstration disc.


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